My Radio working links

WA1TCC working page. Feel free to use this to help in your radio connections and get more QSLs! Each link opens in a new tab. More coming with some separation into functional listings. Come back soon! 




QRZ link to My callsign

QRZ callsign lookup:

Callsign lookups provided by



Florida Counties

Madison Flood Maps

Time Is

Frequency Allocation

Madison Weather

NOAA Space Weather

Madison Radar

Lightening Monitor

Wind Monitor

Solar Alerts

Local Nets

Heavens Above – locate AM Sats for your location.

Grid Square Locator

Don’t know what a signal is or what is on a frequency? Check out this listing.

Map all your contacts with this web page – my contacts seen below


State Repeaters can be found at this link as seen below:


Florida 2 Meter repeaters – 408 at this count!

Refresh the page to get current data on charts below.

DX Hot Spots provided by HRDlog

Range of an antenna line of sight