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My Radio working links

WA1TCC working page. Feel free to use this to help in your radio connections and get more QSLs! Each link opens in a new tab. More coming with some separation into functional listings. Come back soon! Updated 12-10-19 more coming 



PSK Reporter



QRZ link to My callsign

QRZ callsign lookup:

Callsign lookups provided by


AZ Map Thanks to ns6t for this link. Create a Azimuthal Map from your QTH. If you set up antennas it is essential to have this for your location! 

Grid Square Locator Use this tool with the above map to get your exact location  I am located at EM80il24 

Florida Counties

Madison Flood Maps

Time Is

Frequency Allocation

Madison Weather

NOAA Space Weather

Madison Radar

Lightening Monitor

Wind Monitor

Solar Alerts

Local Nets

Heavens Above – locate AM Sats for your location.

Don’t know what a signal is or what is on a frequency? Check out this listing.

Map all your contacts with this web page – my contacts seen below

For SWL on interesting traffic check this out – The Btown Monitoring Post: Civilian Aero/Military HF Frequency List – Update 25 Aug 2019

State Repeaters can be found at this link as seen below:

Florida 2 Meter repeaters – 408 at this count!

Refresh the page to get current data on charts below.

DX Hot Spots provided by HRDlog

Range of an antenna line of sight

(30.496530, -83.316940)