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Pi – the new shack PC

Since we lost our shack laptop in the last lightning strike there is a need for something to take its place to maintain our digital presence. Into the world of Pi ! Pi is the latest in miniaturization of the computer system. It already is in its 4th generation each named Pi 0 – 4. We have the latest Pi 4 and pushed with adding the 4 GB.  4 GB on Linux can make things very pleasant. I have run Linux on old PCs with 256 MB as work horses. So for the price compared to the price of a laptop, it made sense to start testing. This page and its sub pages will be devoted to the world of Pi and at this time running the Raspberri OS. We may try others but most softwares focus on that version.

Do not be afraid of the Linux system. It has become much more user friendly with desktops looking familiar to the other mainstream OS. We will include any instructions and many tips on using the OS.