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Of course there are places where I have been that are worth pointing out to others. Here is a list of places I liked enough to add to my bookmarks in my browser. If you are looking for the links I use while on the air go directly to the working Links page. If interested in Pi and its uses go to the Pi page or the Pi Links page. Here will be the links for my work with books and then the other links that I find interesting hopefully organized in a way that makes sense!

Last year 2018, I published 6 books on the Internal Arts. I have another group in process that should have been published by now but lightning and the house have taken up my time. I have put a list below on what is coming and you can always go to my site on Amazon for a list of available books.


Available in Amazon E Books and in Paperback

More books on the way! Health, Daoyin, Ligong, Exercise and cooking and best of all the Tai Chi Volumes

For my friends an Holiday greeting and a PDF of my year in review. Clover House 2019 – coming to a theater near you soon!

This one is when your bored and want something to make your mind work. Just figuring out why these things are on the page is a project.

Adding more good Links as soon as I can catch up!

Amateur Radio


Lightning and Grounding Resources

NSSL Research: Lightning

Grounding and Bonding for the Amateur

Electrical Training Solutions |

Mike Holt Enterprises

White Papers

Graybar Electrical Supply, Datacomm & Industrial Equipment

RF Cafe Homepage

“Standards and Guidelines for Communication Sites” Motorola R56 – RF Cafe

The Repeater Builder’s Technical Information Page™

NSSL Research: Lightning

IEEE – The world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.


Buy NFPA 70, National Electrical Code (NEC) Handbook

Library of Resources | Lightning Protection Institute

Lightning Protection

GFCI and AFCI Devices

Copper Sheet Thickness Guide

Different Types of Grounding Electrodes – E&S Grounding

Microsoft Word – CommonModeChokesW1HIS2006Apr06.doc – CommonModeChokesW1HIS2006Apr06.pdf


Index – Fair Rite

Ham Station Desk Radio Equipment Ground

Audio Systems Group, Inc. Publications


Copper Cactus J pole antenna – 2 metter 70 Cm dualband

homebrew J-Pole 2mt 70 CM antenna Project. Make it cheap

Watch Television For Free – DIY Digital TV Antenna – Popular Mechanics

W8IO / WB0DGF Antenna Site – VHF-UHF Antennas

Ladder Line Antenna Lead In, 450 ohm wire

Design your Own Super J Pole

N4UJW ANTENNA DESIGN LAB – Ham Radio Antennas – Design 0r Build Your own Ham Radio Antenna

432MHz Yagi – George Smart’s Wiki

Beam Lengths

Homemade J-Pole Antenna

70cm – 440 mHz J-Pole Construction Plans

70cm – 440 mHz J-Pole Construction Plans



Emergency J-Pole Antenna


Understanding Antennas For the Non-technical Ham by N4JA – An online Book!


N4UJW ANTENNA DESIGN LAB – Ham Radio Antennas – Design 0r Build Your own Ham Radio Antenna

The NVIS Antenna

Amateur Dipole Antenna Calculator

Amateur Radio Antenna Projects

Antennas for Receiving and Transmitting

Band Plan

Amateur Dipole Antenna Calculator

2 meter loop

Ham Radio HF/VHF Antenna Lengths

2-Element-10m-Yagi with 28 Ohm, Radiator-Reflector

N4UJW ANTENNA DESIGN LAB – Ham Radio Antennas – Design 0r Build Your own Ham Radio Antenna

Slim Jim Antenna – Antennas: Slim Jim

How to Make a DIY Homemade TV Antenna | TV Antenna Plans

HAM Radio VHF and UHF Antenna Basics

BUXCOMM FREE Amateur Radio Digital Handbook


The QUAG V – Multielement High Gain VHF UHF Antenna by WB3AYW

Fibreglass Tubes – Antenna Spreaders – SOTABEAMS

Baluns: Choosing the Correct Balun – Free Shipping on Most Orders Over $99 at DX Engineering

Selectable-direction 2-wire Beverage Receiving Antenna information and construction by WØBTU

Guide to Antenna Cables & Connectors

YAGI Antenna – KN9B

Radio Antennas – Antennas

Moxon Antenna Project

The L-Antenna

Moxon Rectangle Calculator

Antennas By N6LFVK5AJL – Why buy baluns – make your own.Spiral Dipole Antennas – KN9BAntennas Radios Amplifiers Baluns and Receiving Systems for HFMulti-band end-fedVertical Antennas – Palomar Engineers®Multi-band end-fedLadder Line Baluns – Palomar Engineers®Playing with end-fed wire antennas and 9:1 ununs – KB6NU’s Ham Radio BlogSOTABEAMSA QFH antenna for the weather satellite bandBifilar-Wound Antenna TrapsPerhaps the Best 75M Local Antenna projectBalunsVK5AJL – Make your own HF-VHF antenna tuner.VK5AJL – Why buy baluns – make your own.Amateur Radio Antenna ProjectsAntennas Radios Amplifiers Baluns and Receiving Systems for HFGEORGIA COPPER – Ground Bus BarsHF/VHF Portable Mini Tuner by dxzone.comHInternet – NoisebridgeLDG Electronics YT-100 Automatic Antenna Tuners – Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at DX EngineeringOrder Brass 360 Square in Small Quantities at OnlineMetals.comThe Lava HD 2605 ULTRA Outdoor HDTV AntennaBalunsHow to Make a Balun or Unun: 3 StepsSmall Transmitting Loop Antenna Calculator • 66pacific.comAmateur Radio Antenna ProjectsSelectable-direction 2-wire Beverage Receiving Antenna information and construction by WØBTUMedium Wave Circle – Build a Basic Beverage AntennaLoop antenna :: Radio-Electronics.ComSpiral loopHome Made – HIGH POWER Magnetic Loop Antennas – AmRRONThe Antenna Theory WebsiteWelcome to the 4-Square SiteThe 4-Square Site….M4D 40m 4-Square ConstructionJK7TKE Home Brew Potable Antenna(ENG)Zed Zed’s Workbench – Easy to Build Amateur Radio Antenna Projects & More!The $4.00 Ham Radio Satellite AntennaDouble Twin Quad Antenna Project for 70cm -The DTQA PROJECT!Cubical Quad Antenna CalculatorMININEC Pro Antenna Analysis – Resources for amateur scientists 🙂Top band loop for low noise receptionW4RNL Antenna Theory : Free Texts : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet ArchiveAntennas By N6LFHORIZONTAL LOOP ANTENNA CONSTRUCTION



ARRL Northern Florida Section: Steve Szabo, WB4OMM – Section ManagerARRL West Central Florida Section | Darrell Davis KT4WX – Section ManagerAmerican Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and ResourcesEmergency Communications Plan | Lakes Area Amateur Radio ClubInternational Radio for Disaster Relief (IRDR)International Radio for Disaster Relief (IRDR)NATIONWIDE ARRL ARES RACES FREQ LISTNets | ARRL – Northern Florida SectionRoof Rod with Mount and Clamp | Automatic Lightning ProtectionSubmit a Storm ReportFile:Observations.pdf – Florida ARESFlorida ARESMadison County, Florida (FL) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency ReferenceARRL The Doctor is In



G3USF’s Worldwide List of HF BeaconsInternational Beacon Project IntroductionCheck DX Propagation with BeaconsWSPRnet | Welcome to the Weak Signal Propagation Reporter NetworkWSJT Home PageWelcome! – Reverse Beacon NetworkInternational Beacon Project Introduction


HC-49S Crystals – 3rd Planet Solar / KC9ON2M CW Signal Source | Kanga USHamApps.comSKCC – Straight Key Century ClubThe SKCC Group is the world’s fastest growing group of straight-key morse code enthusiasts from around the globe. The group hosts an extensive list of morse code resources; a forum for members to share ideas, experiences and techniques, and active mailing list are a few of the services offered.FISTS North America Home PageCWops HomeMorse Code Operating AidsCW in Australia – VKCW.NETCwtoday – VKCW.NETTelegraph-History

www.learnmorsecode.comTFR Paddle, W4EDLearn Morse code with the Morse Code Machine — Boys’ Life magazineMorse Code – Software: Morse Code DecodersAZ ScQRPion Paddle5 WPM Code ArchiveFree Morse to MIDI ringtone generatorCW — The Original Digital Mode – Icom America Inc.Membership CertificateRichard Meiss Telegraph KeysMorse code trainer – content with Google NewsQRP kits featuring the Splinter II QRPp transmitter / receiverWelcome to VIZ KEYS – Quality sending instruments for the MORSE CW enthusiast!Depot Cootie Single-Lever Paddle [K4ICY] Weekend RadioA Simple Sideswiper or Cootie Key by Colin G3VTT – Essex CW GroupSideSwiper Net — SSN: W4HEX’s keys. Bar Key Project – Morse Code Masters Bulletin BoardThe Classroom Ham Whisperer: Morse Code CourseLA3ZA Radio & Electronics: QRPp: Ultra low power operation with the Pixie 2CW Paddle – Project | Homemade Single Lever Morse Paddles | Pinterest | Paddles, Radios and Ham radioUniversal 5-Watt Class-C AmpCW FilterCW AUDIO FILTER SHOWCASE – QRQcwFM Morse Code Keyer by dxzone.comFree Morse to MIDI ringtone generatorK4ICY’s Home Brew CW Audio FilterInternational Morse Code


WM2U’s PSK31 PageTigertronics Home PageNUE-PSK Digital ModemDigital Data ModesGettingStarted – DX Lab Suite WikiMirageThe Official PSK31 WWW HomepageDigitalModesNTSD Links – NTS Digital Client for Windows – Official UI-View Home PageOpenTracker USB | Argent Data SystemsAPRS – Build Your Station- Valdosta Amateur Radio ClubMap | WSPRnetDigital Modes SamplesMap | WSPRnetWSPR – Distant WhispersJT65 / PSK / BPSK QRP TRANSCEIVERWB8NUT – Digital Modes Information Page – Digital Modes Information PageDigital ModesRSQ Reporting TableJT65 HF JT65A HF Frequencies Frequency Information – Digital Mode Software Download User GuideindexMETEOR SCATTER PROCEDURES FOR REGION 2 HSCWFT-991 setup for digital modes (with only a USB cable) – N1RWY on the airWSJT-X User Guide User GuideWB8NUT – Digital Modes Information PageNew Digital Mode from K1JT – FT8 | QRZ Now – FT8 – JT65 – IC-7651 Amateur Radio NewsProposed 6/2 Meter Band Plan – Region 10:30amFTRestore – VK2BYIProposed 6/2 Meter Band Plan – Region 2FT8 | A high performance yet low-cost software defined radioAOR ARD9000MK2 Digital Voice Modem | ScannerMaster.comDroidPSK – PSK App for Ham´sThe DXZone Amateur Radio Internet GuideWM2U’s Digital World HomepageN1NKM’s PSK31 ELMER pageIRLP – Internet Radio Linking ProjectDigitalModesOlivia … the Magical ModeAll Identified Signals – Signal Identification WikiWA9ONY Amateur (Ham) Radio Raspberry Pi Computer ProjectsTop 10 Amateur Radio Uses for the Raspberry Pi ← M0JCQ’s Ham BlogFrequency Lists | Thomasville Amateur Radio ClubRaspberry Connect – Ham Radio PackagesStats | WSPRnetDMR-SECQ DMR MAPDMRX | Dashboard – DMR-SEFlorida Repeater Talk GroupsUnited States of America – BrandMeisterAmateur_Radio_Guide_to_DMR.pdfRadioID – RegisterDMR Radio ID | DMR For DummiesDMR Radios | DMR For DummiesCBridge 2.0 | Connecting the World via Digital Mobile Radio

Kits – Amateur Radio


Parts and Kits I Can Supply
Bulk RG58 Cable | Coaxial Cable | Compression and Crimp Tools | CableWholesale 888-212-8295
Ham Radio Homebrew Links
amateur radio homebrewing, including homebrew and QRP equipment, ham radio kit suppliers, radio tube suppliers, electronic components and surplus suppliers
Build Your Own Air Variable Capacitors!
Simple antenna tuner — antenna special on
QRP kits featuring the Splinter QRPp transmitter / receiver
QRP Transceiver for less than $10
Creating a balun
Bits wot I’ve built…
Ham Radio Kits
amateur radio homebrewing, including homebrew and QRP equipment, ham radio kit suppliers, radio tube suppliers, electronic components and surplus suppliers
ON6MU’s Radioamateur Homebrew electronics, schematics and antennas
Lot’s of easy home made projects for radioamateurs, swl…homebrew special antenna’s, receivers, converters, power amplifiers, electronical kits, amplifiers, transmitters and lot’s more.
Youkits TJ5A HF 20W SSB CW Transceiver
QRPme – Canned QRP fun!
QRP Kits – Pacific Antenna
Dan’s Small Parts and Kits
HF Signals – The home of BITX transceivers
MTR4B Mountain Topper
WB5RVZ – Home – Softrock Lite II RX
Five Dash Inc. Your Source for SoftRock Radio Kits
Amateur Radio Telescope Plans
PG1N’s HAM Radio Site – 80m Projects – CW Transceivers
PI Cam Stick
New/Unbuilt LDG Electronics QRP Automatic Antenna Tuner Kit | eBay
Order complete | Amplified Parts
An introduction – uBitx
HF SIGNALS – The Home of BITX transceivers
Portable QRP transceiver kit SSB/CW/JT65/PSK/BPSK/FSQ: 20, 40, 80, 160 meter range

Bits & Pieces


Long Bands

What happens where on 630-meters? A few more comments about where to place your signal depending on mode472kHz 630m Band TransverterTransverter – 630m Ham radioTop Band Hams – Home


14300.netMaritime Mobile Service NetworkThe BEST 20-Meter Net Going! | A member of the 14.300 mHz net family.Welcome to the Pacific seafarer’s net | Pacific seafarer’s netCARS NetsFLORIDA HF Nets | K4BRHome Page of NOFARS150624_SARNET_map.174142420.pdfSARnet – Home


VE3HLS RF Noise Home | Solar Cycle 24 | Space Weather and Amateur Radio WebsiteQuick Guide to HF Propagation Using Solar IndicesA list of CQ ZonesAmateur Radio Ham Radio Maidenhead Grid Square Locator MapSWS – Other Topics – Introduction to HF Radio PropagationAmateur Radio ITU Zones of the World MapBasics of Radio Wave PropagationCQ Plus – CQ Monitoring StationsCurrent sunspot cycle activity, space weather, solar storm and geomagnetic conditions and radio propagation forecastsPropagation | bouvetdx.orgmain page – Reverse Beacon NetworkQSO/SWL real time maps – NA – 50Short Wave HeavenShort-Wave Radio Frequency Schedule for BBC in ENGLISHTraffic Information Main PageWelcome! – Reverse Beacon Network50MHz noiseGreat Circle Maps By SM3GSJNS6T’s Azimuthal MapW3PM WSPR Projects

QRP – Brought To You By The Four State QRP GroupFour State QRP QRP Radio KitsQRP Web SitesQRP ARCI – HomeQRPeanut PowerFour State QRP Group


New Madison repeater | Thomasville Amateur Radio ClubFlorida Amateur and GMRS radio repeatersFlorida YSF Amateur Radio RepeatersFlorida Repeater Council Home Links – Search Results– is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio).Amateur and GMRS radio repeaters Local to MADISON, – HomeKX4EOC repeater information on 145.210 in St. Augustine, Florida by artscipub.comAmateur Radio Ham Radio Repeater MapAmateur Repeater LinkingRepeater Linking Tips


W5YI : Resources for Amateur & Commercial RadioUsing WebSDRs Worldwide for the ISS | AMSAT-UKAMSAT North America | The Radio Amateur Satellite CorporationAMSAT North America | The Radio Amateur Satellite CorporationAC-EMWIN – Graphics Products AvailableAMSAT North America | The Radio Amateur Satellite CorporationAMSAT North America | The Radio Amateur Satellite CorporationePOP CASSIOPE Experiment | HamSCIGetting Started Contacting the ISS (International Space Station)Heavens-AboveFM Satellite Frequency Summary – AMSAT-NANASA Announces Eighth Class of Candidates for Launch of CubeSat Space | NASA


SCOOLDew Point CalculatorThe Hurricane Watch | SKYWARN® National | Severe Weather Spotters, Local SKYWARN® Groups, Severe Weather Information, SKYWARN® TrainingNOAA’s Weather-Ready NationSpotter NetworkThe Hurricane Watch NetFlorida Hurricane Info – Florida Weather Watch – Atlantic Storm ForecastHurricane PreparationHurricane Frequency ListNational Hurricane CenterAwareness: The AtmosphereWX4NHC Amateur Ham Radio at National Hurricane CenterMetEd » Course Description: SKYWARN<sup>®</sup> Spotter — News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroidsNational Weather ServiceEmergency Email . . . . The Emergency Email Network ®. . . . . . . Emergency Notification, weather alerts and more. NOW INCLUDED WITH the business continuity and disaster recovery resource on the web.Manage Severe Weather Text Alerts | Emergency Text Alert SettingsSpace Weather Enthusiasts Dashboard | NOAA / NWS Space Weather Prediction CenterEmergency Management | NOAA / NWS Space Weather Prediction Center National Weather Situation Page™ – “You’re on the Situation Page™” powered by VueTOO®National Hurricane CenterEastern U. S. – Water Vapor Loop (Flash) – Satellite Products and Services Division/Office of Satellite and Product OperationsHurricane Frequency ListWeather Forecast & Reports – Long Range & Local | Wunderground | Weather Solar | Solar Cycle 24 | Space Weather and Amateur Radio WebsiteSKYWARN® National | Severe Weather Spotters, Local SKYWARN® Groups, Severe Weather Information, SKYWARN® TrainingFlorida Division of Emergency Management – State Emergency Operations CenterCounty Emergency Management ContactsICS 213 General Message FormProblem loading pageCWOP Weather Station Resources14300.netAC-EMWIN – Graphics Products AvailableJoint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC)Homepage | NOAA / NWS Space Weather Prediction Center