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Links and Articles – anything of interest to me listed below.

Number One

I am a martial artist and have been most of my life. I am spending most of my time writing about what I have been taught. I will be listing the books here as they get published.

My List of books can be found on Amazon at the link below.

Sifu Bob

Available in Amazon E Books and in Paperback

More books on the way! Health, Daoyin, Ligong, Exercise and cooking and best of all the Tai Chi Volumes

Number two

For my friends an Holiday greeting and a PDF of my year in review. Clover House 2017

Another year and another letter Clover House 2018

Number Three

I love gymnastics. I followed the Florida team this year to the NCCA finals. Below is a couple of routines – not from FLA but UCLA which won the finals. Floor routines that are amazing!