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CoVid 19

Covid19 is the designation of the current infectious virus that is causing concern of a future pandemic. This page will address the current information available from Reliable sources. It is important to understand the facts and make informed decisions. Since we are a member of the ARES group this page will also provide information to other members on any planning we will do to support resources in the event that an emergency is declared. 

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Information from reliable sources. 

The Covid19 has 9 days to infect from an contaminated surface. After that the virus is inactive. 

Cans and other supplies may have the virus on them. Handling cans and other goods can transmit the virus and especially opening a can may infect the contents. Cans can be santized either by chemical exposure or time. Mark your cans and place them in a separate area and only use after 9 days. Wash before opening unless you are heating the contents which will disable the virus. 

Buy unscented bleach!

Wash all produce in a bleach or vinegar solution. A 1/4 of a cup of vinegar or a tablespoon of bleach to disinfect a washing container of vegetables. 

Do not recontaminate by inproper handling of cleaned items. 

You are responsible for your house. Clean it with a strong disinfectant and place hand cleaner at the doors. Disinfect the outside of the door and the outside door knob. 

Hand cleaner in your vehicle and use everytime you enter. Rub down the steering wheel and the shift knobs each time. If other people are in your vehicle, clean it regularly. 

Face masks are not sufficient for preventing the transmission of the virus. Specialty breathing apparatus is required. Face masks are good for an infected person not to spray a cloud of virus components when coughing. Some particles and droplets will still transmit. Face masks are good for stopping large droplets which contain the virus but finer spray will seap in. 

Social distancing is a new step. Do not regularly shake hands or make contact. A simple head nod can serve as acknowledgement. 








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