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Like most other Amateurs I am interested in many other things. Since this page is here expect me to post a number of things that are of interest. I will stay apolitical so I expect the same. Remember the old days of radio?
I have my advanced training from Skywarn and participate in local weather nets.

My station is located in Madison County Florida EM80il24 even though I have the number 1 designation. Many of us down here in 4 land have numbers from our home sites. You can find an active group of Amateurs from the Madison County Amateur Radio Club also associated with ARES at Madison Radio Club Web site

Suwannee Radio club is also active in this area and have a large group of members, many who join Madison in club nets, meetings and most of all emergency activation.

Get emergency alerts from your local Emergency Center. Sign up with the link below.

New News !!

We have added information on the new ARES requirements for the MARC members but available to all. 

Digital is improving and with the low sunspot numbers it is the best way to work the world. I expect that digital will start moving into the HF bands in voice mode just like SSB replaced AM. We just need a radio that has it built in – look at DMR and Fusion on the high bands. I will be looking for contacts with the HF software that is available. I will discuss tat in the Digital pages. Note that there is interest in JS8 for emergency work. Florida Amateurs are looking into that. I have worked it some and will continue on the HF but have no success on VHF and UHF yet. Contact me is you want to experiment. 

Antennas are the word. I love antennas and reading about them and then working on new ones. See my new section on antennas. What I have and a number of available PDF downloads. Some are early military but still valuable in the day.  I will be working on that page with details as time permits. More important to build that talk about but I can spare the time. My best effort has been a full wave horizontal 80 meter loop for the local nets. No longer am I the hard to hear station on the band. True it is NVIS but that is all needed for the local nets. 


My Working Links


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Working hard on getting contacts even in these poor conditions. Always looking for that backboard in the sky ! 

       I am writing in my retirement. I don’t recommend it as a way of making money. So far I will never catch up but you can see what I have published and what I am in progress. Most are from my Internal Martial Art background but wait and you will be surprised since I am working on many. A cookbook is in the works and some Amateur Radio subjects. You can see more about what I have done on my dedicated page here  or go to my Amazon Page